Issue feedback - User Guide




Feedback Plugin is a tool made to collect user feedback on issues and process it afterwards. Each project allows their administrators to configure custom surveys for different issues in project. Not only by setting questions of their choice but also by changing grade visual style.



Interaction with plugin functionality is possible in 2 areas:

  • Administration panel

  • Issue survey panel

Issue Feedback menu


After plugin installation all projects automatically get a new section in project settings tab - Issue Feedback. Configuration is available for users with "Administer projects" permission.

This section makes it possible to create Feedback surveys in issues, customize their look, set up email notification and receive overall feedback via reports.

Administration panel has 3 tabs:

  • Configuration

  • Notification

  • Feedback form

  • Report


Also Jira administrators have additional panel with extended permissions. See this instruction.





This is the main tab where administrator can create feedback surveys for particular issue types and define their content and look.

Feedback surveys are created for each issue type separately so that issue types could follow their own processes.

To create a new feedback configuration follow these steps:

  1. Select an issue type to start creating feedback survey

  2. Click "Add"

  3. Fill in the feedback configuration form

  4. Save

Feedback configuration form has additional settings to adjust survey in issue to match every possible need.




Grade type

Pick options from the given list to be displayed as grades in issue survey. Grades can not only look different (stars, hearts, smiles) but can be adjusted in range while some grades can be not. This feature is controlled by Grade range setting - see below.


Grade range

Allows to vary the size of grade panel in issue. Selected range will be applied to every grade for every question in current configuration.

Some grades like "smiles" support only one range option.



Choose issue role that will be requested to fill in the survey upon transitioning issue to the assessment status. This person will get an email notification followed by the link. 



Activate this field to display feedback comment section for Inspector to leave a message upon completing a survey.


Required comment

Visible only if "Comment" checkbox is active. By default commenting is optional but administrator can make commenting mandatory if user has given a certain grade. Define grades that will require leaving a feedback comment by clicking the corresponding grade icon. All selected grades will require issue inspector to leave feedback comment in case he/she evaluated a question with the corresponding grade.


Assessment status

Select one or more status to display feedback survey in issue. Feedback survey will be visible only in the selected statuses. Also transiting issue to any of the selected status triggers an email notification to inspector proposing to leave feedback in issue.

Leaving field with no selected statuses will not show any surveys in issue and no notifications will be sent.



Optional feature allowing administrator to mark a grade to evaluate it as unsatisfactory. In case user picked this grade (or less) in the survey, a warning notification will be sent to reviewers (see below for more info) giving the opportunity to react quickly.



Administrator can grant permissions to project roles to see feedback left in issues. Pick roles from the list to give their members ability to see results of the feedback inspector has left.

It is also possible to enable notifications for these project roles. See "Notification" tab for more details.

Hide Survey

I you do not want issue inspector to have an ability to rate his/her own issues (issues where reporter matches issue assignee) press Hide survey. 

If activated, issue inspector will only see feedback survey if he/she is not issue assignee. 



This section contains survey questions displayed in issue feedback panel. Each of the question has a grade panel defined for the current issue type.


To add a new question press "plus“ icon next to the first question field. Type a question for the survey in the new field.

To delete the question from feedback survey press "minus".


- adds a new question to survey

- removes a question from survey


In case some questions need to be hidden but not deleted press the "eye" element to change question visibility status. There are 2 states of visibility for each question:

- question is visible for issue inspector

- question is not visible for issue inspector

First question is always visible and cannot be hidden.


For every grade in every question there is an option to set grade description. This text will appear on hovering mouse over the grade in issue.

To set grade description find expand element. Clicking on it will show the panel with fields next to each grade. Text put into the fields will become visible description for the corresponding grade in issue survey.

Edit mode

Configuration for every issue type can be modified at any moment. Press this element in the upper right corner to enter Edit mode. To save changes press "Save" button.

Delete configuration

To delete feedback configuration for a particular issue type press this element in the upper right corner.




This tab is designed to customize notification templates.

There are 2 types of notifications divided by sections:


  1. Notification for issue inspector


This notification is sent to issue inspector as soon as issue is moved to status opening feedback survey for inspector. Status is set in feedback survey configuration in the first tab.

Administrator can modify this template to match own needs. To edit template press Edit icon and make necessary changes saving them afterwards.



2. Notification for reviewers

If some grades are defined as unsatisfactory (see "Unsatisfactory" setting above) reviewers will get a notification stating that unsatisfactory grade has been given to an issue. Notification provides information what question was given an unsatisfactory grade.






Setting the list of reviewers can be done by adding them individually or using the whole Jira project role.


  1. To set the whole project role as reviewer just select one or more roles in the drop down list.

  2. Selecting Agent will send notification to Assignee if Reporter is set as inspector. And vice versa.

  3. To add a reviewer individually find the person in the field and confirm the choice by clicking the arrow button. Add as many reviewers as required.


Template for this type of notification can also be modified. The end of the template is non editable and will take value of Grade, Issue Key and Feedback comment accordingly.



Custom banner


By default, project notification events use global template settings. Yet project administrator can set up own templates to use instead. This includes not only text templates but custom banners as email header.


To use custom banner for email notifications in a specific project, upload it to the specific template.

To do so:

  1. Enter template edit mode

  2. Press Upload custom header image

  3. Save changes.


Changes can be rolled back and global settings will be used instead. To return to original state, press “Return to global template" in template’s edit mode.


Feedback form

This tab allows to change the headers of survey that issue inspector will see upon rating an issue. This may help to add diversity to feedback forms of different projects.


Switching to Feedback form tab displays a structure of the Feedback survey form that will be present in issues of this project if configured. 

(Project settings → Issue Feedback → Feedback form)

To change template press the edit icon (upper right corner) to enter he edit mode. 

Here you can change:

  1. Feedback header

  2. Survey header

  3. Comment field header

  4. Send feedback button 

In addition to that, a custom text can be added to the from. Just type your text into the corresponding area to display this text to issue ispector upon rating the issue.




Reports tab gives the opportunity to monitor and collect statistics on provided feedback on issues.

Reports can be adjusted to meet the exact interest of the requester.

A panel with filters is available to administrator with 3 filters added to the panel by default:



Issue type - filter feedback based on issue type.

Date From - filter feedback starting from the selected date.

Date Till - filter feedback left no later than the selected date.

Optionally administrator can add more search criteria. Click "More“ to select the required filter from the drop down list.


Inspector - filter by inspector who left feedback.

Represents inspector at the time of taking the survey.


Assignee - filter by assignee of the issue containing feedback.

Represents assignee at the time of taking the survey.


Question - filter results depending on the survey question.

It is only possible to select actual questions. All previous questions are archived and can only be seen if no questions specified.

Min. Grade - filter feedback results based on the minimum grade. No grades will be shown if they are less that the selected value.

Max. Grade - filter by the maximum grade given. No grades will be shown if they are more than the selected value.

Hidden only - if activated, filter results shall display only grades that have been previously hidden by administrator.

- grade is visible in reports

- grade is invisible in reports (hidden)

Hidden grades cannot be exported


Issues - filter by issue keys.

After all criteria are set press "Search“ to get report results.

To clear search criteria press “Clear”.

Feedback that contains at least one grade that once was marked as unsatisfactory is highlighted with red color.


To get report results in a file press "Export to XLS“, "Export to CSV" or "Export to JSON".


Scheduled report

Project administrators can create reports that will be sent automatically to selected users.

To create such configiration find "Scheduled report” button on Report tab to access configuration page.


Here you can ceate multiple configuratios, each with separate settings, recipients or filter.


Title - title is displayed as settings header. Mandatory.

Recipients - users that will recieve report file. Mandatory.

File type - select report file type to be sent to recipients: XLS, CSV or JSON. Mandatory.

Additional fields to export - export information about selected fileld values into the report file. Optional.




To define report file content fill in the provided filed depending on your preferences.

Fields for filtering are the same as in regular report. Please see the Report section.



Reports are sent based on the selected period. All feedback results that took plase within the selected period will be included into the report file.

There are 3 period options:

  • Last day

  • Last week

  • Lase month



As mentioned, by default report is sent at 00.00 the next day after the period is complete. But time when report is sent can be changed using the Delay field. Select hours and minutes for the system to wait before sending this report. Note. For "Last week” option user can also select the day when this report will be sent.




For those who prefer Charts over tables, click on Chart button to access chart reports with ability to set parameters for the query and choose the preferable chart view.

Issue view

After issue has been set to the status defined in admin configuration page the feedback survey becomes visible for issue inspector. Feedback form appears above the issue activity section.

Each question in survey has its own grade scale. To provide feedback click on the icon representing the grade.

After all questions have been given feedback (and comment left if necessary) inspector can send the results by clicking the button.



Grades may have hovering text description if set by administrator. See the information in configuration tab.

After feedback has been sent it cannot be deleted or modified. If issue gets to the same status again - a new feedback survey will be provided to inspector.