Administrator panel - Create project permission


Permission for user group


To define users that should have permission to create project while being not Jira administrator go to:

Cog icon → System → Security → Global Permission page

Find Create Project permission and add user group to it.

You get:


After this it done users in the selected group(s) will see a new menu on the top Jira panel next to the Create button.




Administrator panel


To find plugin administrator panel go to: Cog icon → Manage apps → Create project permission


This menu contains 2 menus:

  1. Configuration

  2. Audit log


In Configuration section Jira administrator can set project schemes that will be used when user uses Create default project tool.

Originally there are no default settings set up. Fill in the necessary fields to activate Create default project tool.


After all necessary schemes applied press Save.



Audit Log


This section helps Jira administrators to monitor project created via Create default project and Create project copy tools.