MS Teams Connector for Bitbucket - v1.0.5


Send notification to MS teams channel

Plugin helps to establish communication between Bitbucket and any MS Teams channel on your choice. Make a connection between a repository and ms channel and recieve notifications on the selected event.

Test connection before configuring 

Use button "Test Connection" to send a test message to the provided MS Teams channel to see if the connection is set up correctly.

Ability to choose events to get notifications about

Plugin provides a wide range of notification types to choose from. Select an event type and get notification in yous MS teams channel every time this event takes place in the repository.  

Notification event list:

Pull request notifications

Repository notifications

Pull request is createdChanges are pushed to repository
Pull request is reopenedNew branch is created in repository
Pull request info is updatedBranch is deleted in repository
Pull request is marked as approved by reviewerRepository is forked to another project
Pull request approval is withdrawn by reviewer
Pull request is marked as Needs work by reviewer
Pull request is merged
Pull request is declined
Pull request has a new comment added
Pull request has a comment deleted

Deactivate all notifications

In case you need to deactivate/activate all set up notfications at once, just change the toggle element in the plugin menu. To get back it's previous state click it once again.